Nathaly Granja on the Law of Attraction, Manifesting, and Aligning Energy to Get What You Want


Nathaly Granja, Reiki Practitioner, Certified Hypnotherapist and Certified Holistic Life Coach, talks all about the Law of Attraction and how we can align energy to manifest and attract what we want into our lives.

Nathaly is a Board Certified Hypnotherapist with the National Guild of Hypnotist, a Certified Holistic Life Coach (NESTA) and a Usui Reiki Practitioner. She has a passion for serving others and meeting them wherever they may be on their journey. She was recently featured on ABC 7 Lets Talk Live on a segment about Crystal Reiki. She also has a new blog, The Lotus Experiment, on Law of Attraction and Metaphysics where she teaches different steps towards healing and manifesting a life you love.

To learn more about Nathaly, visit:
FB: @The Lotus Experiment
IG: @NathalyGranja_

Meredith McDonough on Empathy as a Tool for Strength

Louisa sat down with Meredith McDonough to discuss what it means to be an empath in today's world and how empathy can be harnessed as a strength. Meredith shares her experience and provides tips for how to navigate life with empathy.

Books referenced:

-The Language of Letting Go by Melody Beattie

-A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson

Meredith McDonough is the founder and owner of Higher Vibrations, LLC.  Since 2010 she has built a reputation in her community and has been coined by some as an  “All-Around Healer”.  

Find out more about Meredith and Higher Vibrations services here:

Meredith’s practice is based upon the belief that all ‘answers lie within’ and that we’re all meant to be human, not perfect. She works intuitively in all of her healing areas including hypnosis and energy healing. With her abilities, she is often able to get to the core of issues vs. the ‘surface symptoms’. 

Meredith began her professional path in 2010. Meredith is an Usui Reiki Master-Teacher, Certified Master Hypnotherapist (MHt), the highest certification awarded by the National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists (NATH). While well-versed in many hypnosis modalities, she has a lot of fun with Past Lives. Meredith abilities allow her to “see” where her clients are in their past life journey while they’re in hypnosis.

Meredith is an alumnus of George Mason University and holds a B.A. in International Affairs. And like many ever since she got the degree, she hasn’t used it.  She is a former college athlete (Hood College) and graduate of Bishop O’Connell High School. Meredith brings an extensive background in public policy with Child Welfare and Veterans Affairs issues as a former intern for U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley. 

In her spare time, she is the assistant to the Controller and CFO of a independent private school in Northern Virginia, five days a week. She enjoys reading, traveling, trying ethnic foods, sitting around in sweatpants and doing nothing, reading by her pool, and has a love-hate relationship with exercise. She is owned by her cat Mack Thomas. 

Since Meredith is 29 years old, she continues to grow in her abilities and learning about who she is and what she will do next both personally and professionally. At present she is learning from Joy McEntire (Happy Whale Whispers) about DNA and Genetic ‘correction’ on an energetic level. Personally, she hopes to travel to Ireland in Summer 2018 to learn more about her family and where she is from. Although gluten is not her friend, her favorite beers are Kilkenny and Hefeweizen.

Listen to the latest episode with Meredith here:

Sheena Mannina on Fearless Spiritual Awakening

In this episode of Spiritual and Intuit, Louisa talks with the lovely Sheena Mannina on coming into our spiritual selves and the awakening that can bloom when we let go of conventional (and with that, a lot of fear-based) beliefs! 

It takes courage simply to be here as beings on this planet! Even more courageous is having the beauty and simplicity of embracing our own co-creative power. Sheena and Louisa dive into how far we can let go and let God/the divine/our higher selves take the wheel in order to truly live in the present moment as our most loving, spiritual selves.

In 2014, Sheena Mannina and her partner Evan Cretini opened the first organic, cold pressed juice bar in New Orleans, LA. Raw Republic stands now, with a client base of over 8,000 and having expanding into a wellness space offering holistic coaching, wellness events, acupuncture, meditation and conscious retail.

Sheena is also the creator and host of her podcast, Raw Talk with Sheena, which covers topics ranging from nutrition, spiritual development, healing, life experiences, business, and sometimes, aliens. Raw Talk with Sheena has acquired an audience of 215,000 listens since its inception, August 2016.

Sheena has been a guest meditation leader at Wanderlust 108, New Orleans, recognized by Zagat's Top 30 under 30, and chosen as an Express Ambassador for their July 2017 jeans campaign.

Her future endeavors include expanding her juice + wellness concept to other cities, and to, most importantly, continue doing what makes her happy.

You can find Sheena on Twitter and Instagram @sheenamannina and visit her website for Raw Republic, If you haven't already, be sure to check out her podcast on iTunes, Raw Talk with Sheena! 

Dr. Amberleigh Carter on Energy Healing

Join me in discussing energy healing, food, and a little bit of Metaphysics 101 with Dr. Amberleigh Carter! Dr. Amberleigh Carter is a Doctor of Metaphysics and board-certified Holistic Health Practitioner who helps her clients transform their health through nutritional consulting, energy healing, and lifestyle practices. With a background in scientific research, Dr. Carter brings a grounded perspective to healing, along with a touch of metaphysical magic and fun.  She is the owner of her Louisiana-based holistic health practice known as Kinection Holistic Health.  She is also the co-owner and co-creator of the sensational apparel line known as Basic Witch, and she is a frequent co-host on the popular iTunes podcast called Raw Talk with Sheena. Dr. Carter has developed an online, informational health course called, "Back to Basics", so that clients worldwide can have unlimited access to her unique approach to health and healing. She will be co-hosting the live Basic Witch Supercourse at Raw Republic in New Orleans, LA during October 2017. 

For more information or to schedule either a distance or in-person appointment, please e-mail Dr. Amberleigh Carter at, follow her Instagram account @dr.amberleighcarter, or visit her website at

Our thought is our universe

The energy of awareness surrounding our planet's state is undoubtedly strong right now. I don't know about you, but I've been feeling and hearing about it more and more, and decided to meditate on our connection to Mother Earth this morning.

When I specifically placed my intention on Gaia, the image of a neuron flashed into my mind. Huh. A neuron. And then the message came in very clearly: the neuron is the universe. I got the image of this photo.

What's the meaning? Well, quite simply: our thought is our universe. The image of a neuron - the most basic impulse of intention - is a fractal. It is the same pattern we see in tree branches, in leaves, in the bones radiating in the wings of birds, and in the weaving of rivers as they widen into bodies of water as we can view them from the window of a plane.

The message I got from my guides was that our thought is literally made in the likeness of the divine universal form. What we think has infinite power - our thought is our universe in that they manifest and create our experiences. What we think happens on an immediate and expansive level, where we are beginning to understand that the impulses of our neurons affect everything in the mighty web of creation. 

The message from Gaia is strong right now: remember that we are all in the web together. We cannot exist without all other life on earth, and it cannot exist without us. Our thoughts, our words, our intentions, more and more readily affect all else in the web. With clear and honest thoughts and intentions, we are so powerful for bringing love and light into our world!

Laura Powers on Creativity, Being an Empath, Psychic and Angel Communication, and more!

Tune in to hear Louisa talk with Laura Powers about everything from how creativity and spirituality relate to how angelic assistance can transform your life! Laura is a Celebrity Psychic who has been featured by Buzzfeed, NBC, Motherboard by Vice Magazine, and many others. She is also the author of six books on the psychic realm and also hosts and produces a popular podcast, Healing Powers Podcast, on health and spirituality. Laura Powers is a clairvoyant, psychic medium, teacher, writer, actress, model, producer, writer, singer and speaker who helps other receive guidance and communicate with loved ones.  Laura travels nationally and internationally for clients, events, television appearances, and speaking engagements. Ever since she was a child, Laura has seen and sensed ghosts and spirits and she has learned how to manage those experiences, using this ability to connect with the angelic and other realms.  She now uses her experience communicating with angels, spirits, and other energy beings to help her clients better understand and change their lives.

Prior to her work in this field, she studied theater at the University of Colorado and has a master’s degree in political science. She has worked and explored in the political, spiritual and creative realms.  She is the author of 6 books about health, spirituality, and metaphysics.

To see Laura doing her work, you can watch this Buzzfeed video: For more information on Laura Powers psychic work, go to

To contact Louisa about with questions or comments about the podcast, visit or email

Introducing... the Spiritual and Intuit podcast!

At long last... when an idea is persistent, you might find yourself putting one foot in front of the other enough times to suddenly find yourself at the threshold of seeing an idea in material form. 

It doesn't matter if its minuscule in the eyes of someone else, because if it's big to you, well, that's the only criteria for it being considered a BIG DEAL.

For me, a big deal is releasing this first podcast episode, all of its 16 minutes and 9 seconds. I have no idea where this road will lead, but I'm excited to present to you a little about myself and my spiritual journey. Perhaps relative to others my story is not particularly outstanding or special, but I consider the best part of my story to be being forced to dig deep and grasp at the opportunity to find my self, with further depth and higher purpose. 

Animal Totems and Guides

Do you ever just feel like a certain little creature has a message for you?

As I'm sitting here typing this, my sweet little Titus climbed his way up on the bed (as he typically does), nudged his face against my arm and the computer screen, and then curled up next to my hip. He is the cat that's very in tune with my energy and comes by to 'show his support' when I need it.

We all have these different types of animal friends in our lives. Some decide to be our pets, while others might just be a particular species we are drawn to over and over again when we're outside. When there's an animal energy resonating with you, it's likely to be a spirit animal message.

Lately, my guides have learned that I pick up on animal messages in meditations. It has become a 'thing' with us - I'll be pondering over a certain question or situation going on in my life, and then I'll close my eyes and sometimes an image will pop into my head.

A few cool examples of this stick out recently. As I have begun the journey of creating this blog and podcast, my guides have been more and more consistent, and persistent, about sending me animal totems of encouragement. The other week, I had the idea to create a Meetup group in my local area as a way to create a community interested in practicing intuitive development. I went on a walk in my neighborhood on a sunny afternoon about a day or two after I had the idea and had been pondering how and what I felt would be the optimal way to make it happen. As excited as I was about creating a Meetup group, in the back of my mind, I still had concerns about how my close family and friends would react to my pursuit of a metaphysical community. After about three miles, I found a grassy spot near the woods, sat down in the sun, and closed my eyes to let my mind wander. After several minutes, the thought of the Meetup group again entered my head, and suddenly the undeniable image of a goose flashed through my third eye, like the image on an old motion picture screen. It was flying slowly and gracefully.

When I got home, I knew I had received a message to ponder: the spiritual meaning of goose. The first site I clicked on contained this message:

"If goose is your animal totem: Family and friends are a high priority for you. You are a clear communicator and a compassionate member of your community. Your focus is always on the community and family as a whole unit and [you] make your decisions (often with self sacrifice) based on what is best for all."

I knew goose was directly addressing my idea for the Meetup group in two ways. A group is a way of creating community for others with similar interests, but this group also would be a way of pursuing my interests despite the opinions or reactions of those in my close circle. In my case, I felt that this message from the goose was telling me that both aspects of creating the Meetup group would yield positive results for all, though it may seem daunting to me at first. 

Another [obvious!] way animal energy sneaks into our lives is through our pets. Our pets have so much to teach us about unconditional love, among many other beautiful lessons. What we learn from our pets may come slower over a longer period of time, but even once they've crossed the rainbow bridge, our closest friends from the animal kingdom guide us, appearing in dreams, visions, or meditations, to give us beautiful, affirming messages.

As with my goose story, animal messages contain the push that I need to hear, especially when it's hard to hear. At the same time, they're super encouraging and loving. I'm always in awe of how supportive (and magical!) the communication can be when I'm paying attention.

I've cultivated ways that I recognize animal totems when my guides provide them, but it has taken time and trust. Years ago, if on a walk and a butterfly flew nearly into my face, I would probably have never connected the dots between my feelings on a current situation and the butterfly as a transmitter of an energetic message. There are many ways you can begin foster communication with animal totems. Animals may come to you in dreams, as many do especially when I am going through periods of spiritual renewal, awakening, and cleansing. Some will literally CROSS your path (like a butterfly, a beetle, even a snake!). And they also may appear in your meditation as a sound, feeling, image, or knowing. However they appear to you, it may help to start keeping a journal so you begin to recognize the way that you best perceive the totem, and write down the spiritual meaning of the animal that has most resonated with you and the situation at hand. That way you will also begin to practice knowing what resource will provide you with the message from your animal that you need to hear, and maybe you will simply understand it from the energy the animal brings you.

So let's give some thanks and love to our animal guides and totems! They have so much to teach us, and they're a constant reminder that we can always look to Mother Nature to learn what we need to know on our spiritual path.